Capture the Time

Project Year.

The old abandoned house : Ampelhaus shows us the story of living and the story of people who lived there in the past. When I walked around in the house, I could always feel the house had a history. Especially the old walls show the time passed, and the old paintings and ruined surfaces create their own patterns.

My question is how I can capture the time of the house and translate it as an image. The wall can be destroyed by time in the future, but the image that I captured now from the wall can stay longer and be transformed into an object which we can use in our own places.

Maybe it could tell the story of the house wherever it goes.Therefore, I photographed the wall and re-printed on the fabric and ceramic object. The fabric also transformed into a dress.

This project is the result from artist residency program in Ampelhaus, Oranienbaum in Germany at 2015.