Endless Glow

Project Year.

Imagine you can refurnish your whole apartment with just one printer moving through space and creating objects according to your desires and needs. Everything could be modified and adjusted according to your wishes and it would take only one click to print it (Chris Anderson“Atoms are the new bits-the new industrial revolution ” 2010, Wired magazine).

The flood of printed data increases the danger of getting lost among too many objects. What is the consequence of such uncontrollable printing? The world could become chaotic and messy, and we need to find ways to delete printed objects. 

According to Barry Schwartz in his book “The Paradox of Choice”,  when customers have too much choice they are not able to make the right decisions. Therefore we finally need to have a 3D deleting machine, which is working in an opposite way to a 3D printer. Whenever we make a mistake, we can push the button “Ctrl + Z” or “Undo”, and the deleting machine would go to the misprinted object and melt it down, recovering the raw material such as ABC plastic rods. To explore this scenario I started by making model houses showing how uncontrolled desire for endless printing could lead to a messy environment. I believe that the 3D printer by itself is not a sufficient tool  on its own.  Equally important would be a tool for deleting and correcting, which would allow more creative control and increase environmental consciousness.