Open Creative School (O.C.S)

Project Year.
2014, 2015

Open Creative School (OCS) is a new concept for design education,based nowhere and everywhere. OCS workshops connect design students with professionals all around Europe and Asia.


On a regular basis we organize open workshops and master classes focused on design thinking while dealing with various themes related to design. OCS was founded in Berlin in 2013 by Bora Hong and Birgit Severin, both graduates from the Masters of Design Academy Eindhoven. In appreciation to their design skills, interdisciplinary thinking and multicultural experiences, OCS hopes to provoke new and challenging thoughts into the field of design. Last year OCS organized workshop called Unidentified Flying Pig(UFP) with Co Design Camp Eindhoven. OCS invites design students from Gachon University(South Korea) to the Netherlands. The Theme of workshop was ‘finding own design languages’. These students met diverse designers and studios such as Atlier NL, Raw Color and Studio Aandacht so on and experienced various activities. 

O.C.S 2014  “How to be independent designer?”
( Participate Studio - Minale and Maeda, Makkink&Bey, Pablo Calderon, Unfold, Droog, WeCollaborate, 45kg, Daniel Becker Studio) 
O.C.S 2015 “Finding your own design language”
( Participate Studio-  Studio Aandacht,Raw Color, Atlier NL,CoDesign Camp,Daan Botlek)